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Food isn’t the only thing that brings people together. There’s also culture, community and art. Eric Howard is the founding father of Southwest Detroit’s Alley Project, a living, breathing outdoor art environment that’s smack dab in the middle if a neighborhood. He grew up in this neighborhood, saw a need, and started a movement that has now made a big difference the lives of so many young artists.

It all started in 2004 when a number of residence donated the use of their garage doors, to give kids a place to develop their skills and express themselves artistically. Now this cool space has become an artistic outlet for artists across the region. Graffiti artists need a place to express themselves, and this gives them an accepted, safe and legal venue to do just that.

The Alley Project is an outdoor modern art gallery that’s constantly changing and evolving, and artists are now working in a variety of methods and mediums that make this space a visual adventure. If you’re looking for an interesting place to experience real neighborhood street art, The Alley Project will not disappoint.


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